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RMS is a privately held company located in Ocala, FL. In business since 1985 we offer comprehensive Reverse Logistics and Returns Management Solutions for Manufacturers, Operators, Distributors, and Dealers of wireless and consumer electronics equipment. RMS’ primary focus is on the Reverse Logistics portion of the product supply chain channel and related after-sales support activities.

In addition to traditional repair and remanufacturing services, we offer our customers’ additional services such as functionality and RF testing, quality auditing, large scale software upgrades / enhancements, reclamation of parts, kitting and de-kitting, seedstock management, advance customer support consultation and extensive repair data mining.

We also specialize in the development and implementation of cell phone collection programs for government, businesses and non-profit organizations which are designed to return revenue to the collector, maximize the effective life of the equipment, and provide for environmentally sound product destruction.

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